Project and co-design
Feasibility and Sampling
Process + Product industrialization
Order Management and Logistics

Project and Co-Design

Our great experience in wire and sheet metal workingis the key of a strong partnership with our customers.

Our technical department is structured to work side by side with the customers, advising and supporting them in the design of wire components, preventing technical problems such as economic ones, suggesting the most efficient solutions to achieve the desired result.
We work with a variety of 2D and 3D CAD software (Solidworks™), so we can make and share any changes to designs. We also take care of the design of the equipment needed to manufacture the coded products.

The checking process and the sharing revisions by our technicians help to prevent mistakesduring the set-up, coding and production.

2. Feasibility and Sampling

The customer’s request is taken on by our technical staff through 3 main steps to evaluate its technical and economic feasibility.

First of all, we considerthe production of the individual wire components, as well as the potential need to make some tools for the machines that will be used. The choice usually varies according to the MOQ and the estimated annual demand.

The second step is to analyze the assembly of the semi-finished products using punching, which is one of the most critical points in the grating production process. Also in this case, we study the feasibility of the welding jigs for the industrializationphase.

Finally, we assess the compatibility of the blank with the chromium-platingplant solving every eventual problem.

Once the feasibility and estimated cost of the product have been confirmed, we proceed with a sample order to produce in limited quantities for further tests.

We can also supply breakage tests, if necessary, carried out with a dynamometer, which verify the resistance of the welding points.

Once the samples have been approved, we proceed to define the definitive codes and the production of the necessary equipment for industrial production.

Moulds, jigs and tools are designed by our technical department and manufactured in ourdynamic in-house workshop, the beating heart of the company.

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3. Process+Product industrialisation

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We pay a special care to the activities that contributeto value production.
Silmec works on few-run products, even if, thanks to its strictly industrial attitude, it shows all its solidity on the most demanding work volumes.

In case of new important product lines introduction, the system is assessed in its entirety in order to efficiently balance the different departments.

The acceptance of raw materials, the flow of semi-finished products within the plants, the layout of machinery, the use of different coded containers and many other aspects are analyzedto simplify production and management activities.

4. Order Management and Logistics

We process the work orders in a dedicated ERP in order to guarantee the respect of the quantitiesandlead times, keeping the customers’ management systems updated through dedicated web portals. The logistics management of the containers is essential, as well as the labelling of the quantities in stock in our inter-operational warehouses and of the finished product.

Our own areas allow us to schedule the production of closed orders and Kanbansystem orders, for items in continuous rotation throughout the year. With the main clients, we work in line with their procurement system, managing the frequency of delivery, according to their needs.

The‘milk run’delivery system is one of our most appreciated services, as it ensures a highly efficient flow of goods. We are also equipped with a fleet of Silmec vehicles, with capacity from 15 to 180 quintals, which allows us flexibility and punctuality of delivery volumes. We also have a fleet of 4 vehicles, with capacities ranging from 15 to 180 quintals, which allows us flexibility and punctuality of delivery quantities.

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