The finishing of the articles made in Fe360B is applied in galvanic baths with nickel and chrome, carrying out a protective and aesthetic function to guarantee service and a valuable appearance over time.
The chromium plating process begins with an accurate preparation of the material which passes through thedegreasing, washing and pickling cells. This is followed by the nickel-plating and chrome-plating treatments through a series of production steps in special tanks for a suitable period of time to ensure the deposit of the nickel substrate and the chromium layer by electrolytic effect.
The final washings at the end of the process ensure that the product is clean and shiny before being transferred to the finished product warehouse.


To prove the quality of the finished product, the following tests are carried out: - Salt spray tests in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9227; - Measurement of the thickness of metal coatings by X-ray spectrometry in accordance with ISO 3497. The tests are carried out at certified analysis laboratories.

The plants

The three plants in the production area are next to the oven grills production department and cover an area of 3000 square metres. Each plant is set up to work at different speeds and for different types of article.

The production capacity of35,000 pieces/day is modulated according to the required workload with the possibility to expand up to a 24-hour cycle on 3 shifts. The optimisation and balancing of productionwithin the department allows us to retain space to meet very intense workloads or the acquisition of new volumes of products to be processed.

Inbound and outbound traffic is managed byintensive work scheduling, which allows orders for bothin-house productionand contract workfor customers who only require finishing to be carried out on time.



Because of its in-housechromium plating department, the company is subject to the Seveso III Directive(Legislative Decree 105/2015) as a lower threshold establishment and is therefore required to adopt a System for the Management (SGS) of major environmental and safety incidents involving dangerous substances.

The Directive requires in-house staff training (700 hours/year) at least every three months. Training is also required at least every six months for the actions planned in the Internal Emergency Plan(IEP) and consequently two evacuation tests are carried out each year with different accident scenarios.

The management system provides forregular and maintenance: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, which are carried out by the plant manager and recorded on special forms.

Proper PPE is available for the staff and safety rules are respected. Forklifts, refrigerators, compressors, boilers and co-generators are subject to regular maintenance, carried out by specialised external technicians following the legal instructions.

The same it’s applied to aspiration systems, REI doors and all fire-fighting equipment that is regularly checked and mantained (every six months) by specialised technicians (replacement of extinguishing material, revision and testing).

Finally, the warehouse for galvanic products, aimed at chromium-plating wire gratings, was built on a containment tank to protect against fire and spillage.

The environment

The company’s respect of its local area has led it to invest in environmental protection systems.

The impressive 350 kW photovoltaic system allows the company to supply a large part of its production from renewable sources, while the cogenerator feeds another 230 kW. Exhaust fumes are recycledto heat water in a boiler, which contributes to heating the plant in winter and the chromium plating tanks in summer.

We pay particular attention to the waste recycling, which is promoted and encouraged among our staff through the placement of identified bins by specific signs throughout the company

The disposal of special waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, is entrusted to specialised and certified third-party companies (9001 and 14001), in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Intense periodic training allows us to increase the awareness and sensitivity of our employees to these issues, resulting in general compliance with the established procedures.


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